Fabwright Origins is a Boston-based design and manufacturing company that helps creatives do more, using digitally augmented tools and processes. We offer product design and small-scale manufacturing of custom home goods, storage solutions, accessories and other custom products. In addition to our active studio environment, we provide training in product design and manufacturing for creatives and BPS students. As a complement to our multi-pronged approach we also extended our services to the Community with design product and studio photography for small businesses. We are currently using Wentworth Institute of Technology’s Open Source File (WIT-C19) for the production of PPE (Face Shields) and developing clear partitions for local businesses, while providing design and manufacturing training and job opportunities for local youth.  With this WIT opportunity we are raising funds to outfit our shop with a new laser cutter which will expand production, opportunities and valuable skill sets for local youth.


Please visit our gofundme link to support our effort.